So, how many days does it take to recover from the BlogHer11 conference? Going on four days and i’m still not there. Work’s busy and when I’m not doing that I’m blogging more, tweeting more and reading blogs more. That’s what BlogHer conferences do to you. You get home with a zillion ideas swimming in your head and you can’t sleep because you’re just too busy writing posts, checking in with new friends and making your blog into the best blog ever.

Before BlogHer11, I was definitely burnt out. I’ve been blogging about shopping since 2006, and posting felt like an obligation. But BlogHer has a way of inspiring you, of reminding you why you started blogging in the first place.

So consider me sufficiently inspired. It’s so great to meet new (and old) bloggers who are still in the midst of blog-love and catch a little bit of the fever.

I miss BlogHer! I missing the crazy non-stop from session to lunch to expo to meeting all kinds of great bloggers! I miss all blogs all the time. I miss walking around with confidence, smiling at everyone and feeling like I belonged. Like I was part of something and like these were my people.

So now all I can think is how can I keep the BlogHer feeling? How do I keep from getting burned out? What can I do to stay true to what made me a blogger to begin with?

Count down the days to BlogHer12. T-minus 356 days until lift-off!

Tell me again why BlogHer is only once a year? What can we do to remedy that?

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