I heart Zoot!BlogHer is really special to me. The first conference I attended in 2006 when I was invited to co-present on blog improvement. It was an amazing time. Not only did I meet a ton of great people and have some excellent conversations, I left BlogHer06 inspired to blog about what I was passionate about (shopping!) and try to make a go at it.

It was that blog that helped me shift my career into overdrive. I had always wanted to work on the web – designing, managing, writing – but I was stuck in a job where I was pigeon-holed as a marketing writer when I wanted to (and could) do so much more. My blog added to my resume an entrepreneurial spirit and the proof that I can build a successful web site from the ground up.

Me & Magno!After BlogHer06 I attended BlogHer Business 07 and then BlogHer Boston 08. I missed BlogHer09, but I came back at BlogHer10 and boy did things change! I will be the first to admit that I got more than a little swag-happy and completely distracted from the conference as a whole. I was invited to a party or two and did my thing, but like many attendees I caught party-envy. I came home disappointed that i didn’t really let myself enjoy the conference.

This year, things will change.

  1. I will NOT be one of the first to hit the exhibit halls and I will limit my time there and my swag hoarding.
  2. I will NOT be  a swag-a-holic and stalk the swag exchange for the best swag available.
  3. I will attend sessions.
  4. I will make new friends.
  5. I will have great conversations.
  6. I will attend those parties to which I am invited and will not pout when I’m not included in others.
  7. I will seek out other uninvited peeps and start our own public party! Everyone is welcome!
  8. I will seek out deer-in-headlights first-conference-goers and make them feel comfortable.
  9. I will seek to remind myself why I am there and enjoy every minute.
  10. I will not be overly concerned about the number of business cards I give and receive.
  11. I will not go broke on a new wardrobe to impress the other girls.
  12. I will dress simply and comfortably
  13. I will compliment all my beautiful BlogHer sisters as much as I can.
  14. I will not get overwhelmed.
  15. I will live in the moment.

What’s your plan for BlogHer11 in San Diego?

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